About us

Everything we do is for the adventure. In this case, the ultimate adventure. In the beginning it was about escaping the clutches of corporate demands and building a life of freedom. To make decisions that mattered. To enable true creativity. To build something from within us, and share it with you. Since day one we have created and funded everything ourselves. That means no investors and no debt, and it will always be that way.


Living in Utah and the Pacific Northwest we can only admire the beauty of Mother Nature. Every product we develop comes from our desire to improve things in our daily adventures and every design is influenced by the wild outdoors.


Our bamboo sunglasses came from a day spent on the river. We got ourselves into a sketchy situation and ended up cap sizing our kayaks. Our shoes, hats, sunglasses and a notebook full of million-dollar ideas were all claimed by the river. After about an hour of struggling, we managed to fish out the oars and drain our kayaks of river water. Once we got back on the water all we could do was laugh at ourselves. We did lose our notebook full of million-dollar ideas, but we gained our first product idea. You never know what will become of a situation, so be sure to enjoy the adventure.


As we write this, we have other products being developed and we are excited to share them. Sign up for our email list and join the Shiner Tribe, we promise to let you know as soon as our new products arrive.


Thank you for reading a little bit about us.

Seek new adventures.