“An aspiring young Architect who feels at home in the ocean.”



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Hey There! I had the opportunity to interview Josh and get to know him a little better. Josh doesn’t just test our products, he makes super rad videos and photo edits for us as well. During his interview I learned how he saves time for weekends, travel tips for Barcelona, and why he is grateful for Tony Hawk Pro Skater.



JD: What’s up Josh? The majority of the media you send us features the ocean…
JA: Yea man it’s my home. I live about a few hundred yards from the ocean so I’m in it as much as possible.
JD: And where is that exactly?
JA: Miami Beach.
JD: How is it living in Miami?
JA: It’s wild! Living in a city where people visit to party in paradise is a blast! I’ve learned to avoid the tourist traps and just enjoy the warm temps.
JD: What’s your occupation?
JA: I’m an architect.
JD: How did you get into architecture?
JA: I think Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game got me hooked back in the day. I loved the mode where you could create the skate parks. I used to rollerblade and skateboard a lot and wanted to design my own indoor skatepark.
JD: Favorite places to travel?
JA: Oahu, Rome, and Barcelona.
JD: Dang dude you been around. Give me some tips on Barcelona, I really want to go there.
JA: Oh man, try all the food! Spend hours eating tapas and drinking red wine. Check out all the cool architecture by Antonio Gaudi too!
JD: Got any life hacks?
JA: I double up on certain tasks to save time for my social life. I brush my teeth in the shower and catch up on current news via the radio while driving to work. I’ll sometimes workout while reading. I once studied for an architecture exam while training for a triathlon relay on a stationary bike for 8 weeks. Both were successful and I still got to enjoy my weekends.
JD: Priorities right?
JA: Exactly.
JD: We are always vibing off music at the office. Tell us, what is the last song you listened to?
JA: Lemon – N.E.R.D.
JD: That whole album is amazing, we have been listening to that on repeat! Any bands you are into right now?

JD: What’s the last book you read?
JA: Unlabel by Marc Ecko
JD: Sounds interesting.
JD: Where can we find you on the weekend?
JA: My home, the ocean.
JD: How about a Monday Morning?
JA: At my office, sipping coffee.
JD: What is your definition of success?
JA: Setting a goal and achieving it. No matter the effort or the timeframe. Also – Being able to say to yourself “If I died right this instant, I would be happy with where I am at in life.”
JD: What is your spirit Animal?
JA:  My spirit animal is definitely the Jellyfish.
JD: Dude that is so random. But awesome. Maybe the best one yet.
JA: They just go wherever the flow of the ocean takes them! I even have on tattooed on my calf.
JD: Desert Island, you get to bring 5 things with you, what are they?
JA: Coffee, GoPro, Laptop and my two dogs.
JD: What’s a weird habit you have?
JA: Counting every stair when ascending.
JD: Why do you do that?
JA: I have no idea, its a weird OCD thing I’ve been doing since forever. I eventually start to remember how many stairs each building has. It’s useless info.
JD: I was thinking since you used to skate, maybe that is why you counted stairs. We used to measure drops and hand rails by how many stairs it was. Like, “Homeboy just dropped a 10 stair.”
JA: That could definitely be why.
JD: Favorite food?
JA: Peanut Butter.
JD: Words of wisdom?
JA: Don’t risk dying right now and letting your dreams die with you. Live the life you want before it’s too late.

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