Bamboo has been around for freakin’ centuries. Not as old as Dinosaurs, but old. Records date back to more than seven thousand years talking ’bout products being made from bamboo like arrows, paper, building materials and of course books. Bamboo grows basically everywhere except super cold areas. Bamboo is thought to have originated in China, where the first use of bamboo was recorded. Major bamboo research didn’t begin until 1920’s though so it really wasn’t used anywhere but the Eastern Hemisphere until recently. Now It has become popular in the western part of the world.


Because of the economic sustainability and renewability of the plant, bamboo is an excellent resource for all kinds of stuff. More and more architects and designers like ourselves are seeing the beauty and intelligence in using bamboo. From landscaping, bed sheets, building materials and our wood sunglasses, bamboo has really become a great resource for everyone.


Bamboo has been used throughout history because of its awesome strength and workability. Finally we are recognizing the benefits of its renewable properties. Regular old wood has become very scarce, simply because it takes sixty freakin’ years to produce a full grown tree, and then you gotta wait another sixty years for its replacement. Some species of our friend Mr. Bamboo can grown equal to the height and width of the same tree in as little as sixty days.

Like anything, the future of bamboo is uncertain. We believe that is is here to stay given its incredible renewable properties and will continue to use it and other renewable sources as much as possible. We may not plant a tree every time you buy something from us, but we still love the earth, cute puppies and baby birdies too.

Thanks for reading.

The Shiner Team

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